New 10" Speaker Recommendation
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What replacement speaker should I get for my amp?

I have a Music Man 110 RD 50 that I love with my whole heart. I think she's got a blown speaker. What new speaker (manufacturer/model) should I buy to retain the original tone as closely as possible? Thanks - j
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Best answer: What's in there now? You might be able to get it re-coned.

This TGP thread has some info on the RD110, and includes a poster who replaced his speakers with speaker (speakers?) with Eminence Ragin' Cajuns.

Personally, if it were mine I'd probably look at a vintage JBL K110. But that's me, and I really love the old AlNiCo JBL's...
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Best answer: When I needed to upgrade my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe guitar amp speaker, for playing live with a band, I replaced it with a Celestion 10" vintage, and there was an amazingly gratifying exponential jump in the warmth, presence, brightness, power and clarity and the tone of the thing edged into really exceptional for a such a small relatively cheap retro amp.

It really makes you realize what crap Fender will pull into it's products these days. The original Fender speaker looked pretty sad side by side with the Celestion for one thing, it looked almost like a cheap flimsy speaker made for a radio or something.

You should be able to find something good from their 10" class of guitar speakers.

I'm afraid that's about as nuanced as I can get regarding the various sound characteristics, but with the descriptions on the Celestion site and a decent guitar amp sales person, you should get something pretty close to what you want. I've been really happy with the "vintage" speaker and I daresay, with some caution, as I have a feeling Music Man isn't as cheap with their OEM speakers as Fender is, that you might be really pleased with how much your tone improves.
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Best answer: I'm a big fan of Warehouse speakers. I recently built a 2x12 cab which I put these guys in. They are basically Clelestion G12 clones with a slightly less ice-picky top end.

Give the warehouse guys a call and they will tell you what will get you closest to your original sound.
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(I think Eminence and Celestion are overpriced for what they are and Warehouse gets you there or better at a lower price)
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Response by poster: thanks everyone! I'm afraid to drive a vintage K110, but it sounds delicious. I think I'll take a staged approach: first look at re-coning, then try a Warehouse, then a new Celestion. Rock on
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