X marks the what?
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Which brand of jeans has a flattened "x" on the back pocket?

I've seen these jeans on younger women in the US. The pattern on the back pocket is two intersecting lines that form a kind of squished "x" shape. The lines start at the two top corners, intersect, and then end before reaching the edges of the pockets again. The design is on the upper third of the pocket. All my googling and denim-blog searching has been fruitless so I turn the hive mind.
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I have a pair of 7 for all Mankind's that have this pattern, but I not all of them do (most of 'em have the classic squiggle).
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Gap? like this?
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This can apply to literally 20+ different brands and non-brands. Abercrombie, American Eagle, Target, GAP, Old Navy, Forever21 and Gilly Hicks as well as the more expensive brands like Lucky, Sevens, etc all have squished Xs embroidered on many of their jeans. I am presently sporting a pair from Abercrombie and my friend is wearing some from Kohls and we've got Xs on our butts too :)
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Ah ha! The Gap. I haven't shopped there in years and when I did I remember the back pockets being plain. Thanks.
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