Lapsed classical lover seeks guidance
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Can you recommend fantastic, classical music released in the last five years or so?

About ten years ago, I was a classical music fiend. I owned at least six different recordings of Brahms's 4th symphony, played in a well-respected college orchestra, and studied music theory. However, nowadays, I'll hear something knock-out familiar in the background of a movie, and I'll have to look it up before I realize it's Beethoven's 7th. For shame.

This Christmas, I'd like to treat myself to a couple CDs to indulge my latent love of classical. Ten years ago, I loved Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Liszt, Shostakovich. I loved Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words, Bach's Mass in B minor.

I'm looking for wonderful recordings: symphonies, concertos, or chamber music. I'm open to anything, except perhaps opera. While I'm familiar with so many works (or used to be!), I'd be so grateful for recommendations of newer recordings that are celebrated as wonderful examples. Help me regain my classical groove!
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Simone Dinnerstein's solo Bach piano works, especially the album Something Almost Being Said and the Goldberg Variations album. On a completely different trip, Brooklyn Rider playing Philip Glass's string quartets.
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Jean-Efflam Bavouzet's recordings of the complete Debussy piano works (on Chandos) don't leave my ipod.
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If you like choral music, I'd recommend the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. They have performed a variety of music, including Vivaldi, Mozart, and Rachmaninoff, but their biggest focus is contemporary Baltic composers; their recording Da Pacem of Arvo Pärt's work won a Grammy back in 2007.
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If you like 17th-century music, there was a front-page post last week about a 2007 album of music by Nicola Matteis. (Five-piece chamber music: see the conversation there.)

On the strength of that recommendation, I bought it and really like it.
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I don't know if this would be at all up your alley or what your interest in modern alt-classical kinds of things is, but the Max Richter Vivaldi Recomposed has had a lot of play at my house.

The Richter and an actual Four Seasons recording might make an interesting pair to provide different approaches to Vivaldi. (We did this kind of thing in my junior high school with different renditions of Pictures at an Exhibition, including the ELP version.)
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Subscribe to Listen magazine. The ads alone give you a great idea of what recordings to look out for. Articles are great profiles of current artists, venues, new music. Not exactly classical, but my latest buy was the Goat Rodeo album which involved Yo Yo Ma along with some bluegrass musicians...
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Also, almost forgot this: The NY Times' list of best classical music recordings of 2012, which may have something to your taste.
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Jeremy Denk's Ligeti/Beethoven from this year is a revelation.
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