All that's silver was gold
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Home for Christmas and my mom has a jewelry question. She tried cleaning the chain of her gold necklace using silver polish, and when she did, it turned silver. Why? And can it be reversed?
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Was the necklace gold plated? If it was gold plated the silver polish probably ate away the gold plating, revealing the metal underneath.
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You haven't given us much to go on...

Is/was the necklace gold plated, or gold filled, or solid gold? What are the markings on it? Normally a solid gold necklace will be marked 14K (or whatever) on one of the ends, possibly the clasp, etc. It can be very small.

Also, what particular polish did she use?
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Response by poster: It was "Connoisseur" brand jewelry polish. She insists that it was a solid gold necklace, but I suspect it was gold plated (given what's happened to it).
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And can it be reversed?

You can buy a gold-plating kit for it, send it to a gold-plating shop, or pay a jeweler to gold-plate it / send it to a gold-plating shop.
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Best answer: Jeweler here. It was gold plated. Don't use "silver polish" on anything valuable. It's abrasive.
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