Need a gift idea for two new parents in Houston, TX!
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Last minute gift panic: Halp! My sister and her husband live in Houston, TX. I'd let to get them a nice gift that they could use in the area- Spa time, restaurant gift cards etc. I know nothing about the area. Suggestions? Special snowflake details inside

They've lived in the area for about 2 years. My sister can be a picky eater, but is broadening her horizons. They have a 4 month old daughter, so couple time could be nice. He's a quiet dude, I have no idea what he likes aside from football.

I'd like to find them something nice to do in the area as a gift. I'm also willing to consider any other option that might be nice for two new parents, even if it has nothing to do with Houston, TX.
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Where do they live, roughly? Houston is gigantic - it can take an hour or more to drive from one side to the other.
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Houston is big. Really big. Too big for a gift certificate to any particular restaurant to be anything but a dicey proposition.

I had a baby fairly recently, and the thing I really loved was ... sheets. Great linens greatly improved my life, but I don't think I'm typical there. Is this something you'll mail? Buy in person? How much do you want to spend?

I'm not sure you've provided enough detail to get great answers so far.
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You might want to include what types of food she is guaranteed to like, and roughly what area of town they live in. We are pretty spread out, and have almost as many restaurants as people.

Having said that, two places I've really enjoyed recently are:

- Polovina Italian Cafe. This is in the Heights area. The blue crab ravioli is tremendous. It's BYOB (which they can get at a Specs on their way to the restaurant). Can be a romantic place, but there was an infant there the last time I went and it can be family-friendly. Also, outside seating will be nice when it is warmer.

- The Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen. This is in the Upper Kirby area. This is adults only. The food is awesome, and they have an interesting variety of beer. I wish I could tell you what we ordered, but I don't remember exactly -- only that everyone was grinning like a fool at the high-quality food and beer.

We're kinda known for having so many restaurants, and with a wide variety. You'll have to tell us more. Otherwise, someone's gonna recommend Feast, and you'll see the great reviews... and not know that it is closing, that it's pretty centrally located but with crap parking options, and that it is offal. (Although I'm just assuming that your sister would not be thrilled with "Head-On Duck Neck Sausage." OTOH, if she would be ok with that, we have another place in town that's similar....)
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The last time, which did you get and how was it received?
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Not sure what part of town they are in, but if they have a reliable baby sitter and you want to gift them with dinner and a show, here are some options for the "show" part:

Alamo Drafthouse (movie theatre)
One location in Katy, west of Houston. In February there will be another location north of Houston, near Tomball.

The cool thing about the Alamo Drafthouse is that they serve food and beer during the movie. The second cool thing is that they allow young children on "Baby Day" (the first show of the day on Sundays and Tuesdays). From their website:
Infants and children under 6 are welcome to these shows, and of course, are allowed in for free. For our baby day shows, we keep the lights up a bit, and the sound down a bit, so your little one never has to know they even went to the movies!

Society for the Performing Arts (dance, theatre, music... a little of everything)

Da Camera (chamber music and jazz)

Theatre Under the Stars (musicals)

Mercury Baroque (orchestra)

Houston Ballet

Houston Symphony

Alley Theatre

Also, see:
Houston Museaum of Natural Science

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

And there are a number of community theatres scattered throughout the area, of varying degrees of quality.
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Similar to Alamo Drafthouse (serve dinner/drinks during a movie) is Studio Movie Grill - you'd likely want the CityCentre location which is on the west side of Houston, unless you know they live closer to Copperfield.

As other have noted, Houston is HUGE and more info will get you better answers.
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