ipod touch/itunes n00b needs help recovering from a big PC crash...
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ipod touch/itunes n00b needs help recovering from a big PC crash...

Hi everyone,
I have an earlier generation ipod touch. I had itunes installed on my PC, with an itunes account.

That was some time ago. Since then I went through a catastrophic PC failure and the PC was replaced.

I haven't touched the ipod in a while but I'd like to start using it again and downloading content from itunes. The problem is, how do I recover my itunes account?

I'm guessing my first step is to re-download itunes. Then what? Just make a new account, or will the new itunes detect from the ipod what my old account was?

thanks for the help.
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to recover your purchases you need to use your old account, and I don't think iTunes will detect that from the iPod.

if you don't remember the account name you can find out from the iPod though - on a current device it's Settings > iCloud, so something like that should show the account name you used.
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If you bought any old music through the iTunes Store, try opening it. If it hasn't been updated within a couple years, you might get asked to put in your account password (the username will be entered) as Apple once put DRM on their music a long time ago. They haven't done this for years, though, so it might be one of those you-get-lucky things where it is a really old track. Once you have your username, it should just be a matter of resetting the password, which you can do through iTunes.
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