Quick Christmas Pudding
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Due to a very recent decision to cook Christmas Dinner (rib roast and Christmas Pudding) I need a quick version of an unsteamed pudding that I can make today and serve on Tuesday. Should be dark and succulent and fragrant. I am soaking the dried fruits in rum as I write this. Inventive Cooks please help me.
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How about Indian Pudding? More of a custard, actually. But it is dark from the molasses.
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Is microwaving an option? Christmas pudding cooks really well in the microwave.

If not, here's a recipe for a baked Christmas pudding made in muffin tins.
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I hate to say this, but my mom used to make the Christmas puddings the Easter before, and still thought it was a little late. Might it be better to buy a properly seasoned and ready-cooked one which needs only heating up? (That's my solution, which I'd never dare tell my mom, but it tastes absolutely like the original, home-made version.)

And remember the rum butter... Happy Christmas dinner!
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I am going to make upside-down pear gingerbread with yogurt sauce because I fucking hate Christmas pudding. It doesn't leave you anywhere to put the brandy-soaked fruit, though.
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