Xeon vrm question
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I am updating an old server actually on dual xeon 450M/512k processor to xeon 500/2Mb. I know the motherboard support the new cpu's but do i need to change the vrm or will the old one do just fine ?
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I've looked into this a bit before.

When you search around on eBay, the only time you find VRMs is bundled with add-in processors (for when you want to add more processors to a 4-slot machine that only came with two).

Be forewarned, there aren't really any standards for VRMs. Some of the implementations I've seen have 3 VRMs for each pair of processors, one-each plus a third special one.

If you've got VRMs for all the slots but are just changing the processors, it might work. You might not see much of a performance boost though. Multiple processors, especially from older generations, have bizarre performance curves.
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