Great lullabies, terrible lyrics.
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A friend told me his baby was soothed quickly & consistently by Neutral Milk Hotel's "Oh Comely", despite its seemingly wildly inappropriate lyrics. What other songs have worked well as baby lullabies despite their actual meaning?

Just one example from the above song:
Your father made fetuses with flesh licking ladies,
While you and your mother were asleep in the trailer park.
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I'm shocked that Cohen's "Hallelujah" has been co-opted by young children via Shrek. How the hell did that song even get in there? It's one of the more dark, complicated, and outright sexual songs about adult heartache I've heard, lyric-wise (complete with Old Testament references and obvious allusions to intercourse!). Not to derail, but I'd love to hear someone explain that to me at some point.
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When my son was a baby and at the stage where getting him to sleep required standing there with my finger in his mouth and singing until he went to sleep, I would sing him "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" for forty minutes or so.

Now he's ten and he does the same thing when he wants to drive me insane.
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My mother often crooned her wee bairn off to Sleepy Land with this tender lullaby:

On the sidewalk, one Sunday mornin'
Lies a body oozin' life
Someone's sneaking 'round the corner
Could that someone, perhaps, perchance, be Mack the Knife?

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Are you only interested in relatively contemporary songs? Many lullabies have WTF-level lyrics.

When the bough breaks/the cradle will fall/and down will come baby/cradle and all...

I used to soothe a baby to sleep with Johnny Cash's greatest hits. The first song was "Folsom Prison Blues" I shot a man in Reno/Just to watch him die
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Ha, I was on my way to post the Rock a bye Baby lyrics, but the youngrope-rider beat me to it. Yes, lots of kids' stories/lullabies are pretty dark.
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My son loved Chet Arkins Teensville but no lyrics needed.
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When my daughter was very very little, she liked Yeah! Oh Yeah!. A small sample of its inappropriateness (though not nearly as bad as that fetus reference):

I've enjoyed making you
miserable for years
found peace of mind in
playing on your fears
How I loved to catch your gold
and silver tears, but now my dear
What a dark and dreary life
Are you reaching for a knife?
Could you really kill your wife?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
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A Cautionary Tale by the Decemberists.
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Chet Baker worked for one of my kids, but Baker's problems were pretty abstract.
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My neighbor's toddler LOVED "Beat On The Brat" by The Ramones. She'd get all giggly and flail around yelling "Baseball bat! Baseball bat!"

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I would sing this cover version of Hey Ya to put my daughter to sleep every night for almost a year. Worked great, nothing to do with anything babies should be listening to.
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My kid like A Cautionary Tale, too, but his favorite music is reggae, which can be quit raunchy. He's partial to 54-46 by The Maytals, and Wet Dream by Max Romeo. Neither are really appropriate in content.
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I used to rock my now-7-year-old daughter to sleep while singing her "Up on the Sun" by the Meat Puppets.
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Not my baby, but K.I.N.G by Satyricon has an impressive effect in this video.
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Back in my baby-raisin' days Alanis Morisette's You Oughta Know was a go to. Hardly appropriate, but did the trick.
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My son loves when my husband sings "Losing My Religion" and Ed Sheeran's "The A Team" (about drug addiction).
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My dad used to sing Wish I Was a Single Girl Again to me.
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My kid loved Hot Chip, and one song lazily says "Fuck you, you fucking fuck", but it's so casual you don't notice.
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Seems unbelievable, but I knew a baby who was really calmed down by dancing around to The Dead Kennedys / Too Drunk To Fuck. Not just any old DK tune, this one in particular.
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When my daughter was a baby, Eminem's ouvre seemed to placate her unusually well. It didn't put her to sleep, but she would just lie there, rapt and silent. Something about the rhythm of his voice perhaps.

Now that she's two, however, all hip hop is immediately greeted by "No like this song!"
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I've had success with a few babies (including my own son) with The Dark Side of the Moon. Whole album played medium loud puts 'em out.
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I watched a man singing to his sub-toddler-age daughter in a Second Cup. The song was Weebl's "Amazing Horse", which I will not link to here. There were stares, but he powered right through to the end while rocking her against his shoulder.
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Guys, I am so glad I am not alone in this world. I have made an ENTIRE PLAYLIST of this stuff. Honestly, this probably says more about my taste in music that these are the songs I can remeber a whole verse of at 3am, but still: officially probably not the worst parent in the world.
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Seconding Mack the knife. My little girl also loved/s everything by Flogging Molly, especially the quiet part (starts 3"05) of sentimental Johnny which is requested as "the Johnny song" each and every bedtime.
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I loved Donna Summer's "Bad Girl" as a child, especially the part that goes "Toot toot! Beep beep!"... which, in the song, is the sound of johns looking for hookers.
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Leonard Cohen's "Who By Fire" worked great on my kid. Simple, repetitive, lends itself well to improvisation if sleep takes longer than expected. ("And who in that dressing gown... who in Funkytown...")
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I trained my first daughter to sleep to Coltrane's 'A Love Supreme' not inappropriate, but sometimes really impractical. Now, 18 years later, her love of Coltrane gives her extra points with the boys, and I'm at odds wether that is a good or a bad thing....
Just saying, I did't repeat the experiment with no.2
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Dance: 10; Looks: 3 from the movie version of "A Chorus Line" worked pretty well on me when I was about toddler-aged. Even though it's not much of a lullaby, I would calm down and attentively listen to that scene of the movie. I also was calmed by "Hello Twelve Hello Thirteen", especially by my favorite line, "Then how can you have gonorrheeeeea?"

My parents weren't singing to me or playing these song specifically for me; the movie was just on TV enough that I picked up on it. Later, I got in trouble for singing both of those songs, despite that I had no clue whatsoever what either of them were about. My grandparents were a bit put out that I was chasing my cousin around accusing him of having gonorrhea.
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My 2-month-old will reliably calm down listening to anything by AC/DC.
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My friend's kid loved it when I sang her Morrissey songs.
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While I was in school, on my maternity/newborn rotation, they learned I didn't really know anything about babies. So they put me in the nursery with kids who basically needed someone to just hold them and move quietly and stuff. I felt like I had to sing something so I went with the only things I could remember and didn't have guitar solos, which turned out to be mostly socialist protest songs and the less-appropriate Child Ballads. Worked just as well as anything else.
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A friend of mine posted a video of her baby on Facebook who goes wild for "At Last" by Etta James :-)
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A friend of mine wrote a musical setting of this W.H. Auden poem, which worked wonderfully for a baby I sat for once:

The desires of the heart are as crooked as corkscrews
Not to be born is the best for man
The second best is a formal order
The dance's pattern, dance while you can.
Dance, dance, for the figure is easy
The tune is catching and will not stop
Dance till the stars come down from the rafters
Dance, dance, dance till you drop.

Sorry little guy, better if you weren't born at all.
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Mom sang bird on a wire to me by Cohen.
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My foster daughter has always been amazed and quieted by me singing "The Grouch" by Green Day:
I was a young boy that had big plans;
Now I'm just another shitty old man
I don't have fun and I hate everything
The world owes me, so fuck you.

I feel compelled to note that this was more of an invitation for her to sing along than directed at her.
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This video of Notorious B.I.G. calming this baby immediately springs to mind.
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Oh, and I used to babysit for a six-year-old who knew every word of the Beastie Boys' License to Ill.
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"Time" by Tom Waits.
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My cousin was fond of the Pougues, Ramones, and Dead Kennedys when she was tiny. Because I lived across the street and was 14, I was the go to babysitter for most of her young life. She got a steady diet of punk and when she was overly fussy I played lots and lots of Dead Kennedys. She would giggle and laugh every time I played them for her. After I went off to college, I wasn't able to babysit her anymore and the flow of punk stopped.

It was only when she was in 8th grade did we find out how much she paid attention to the music. In class when they're learning about Cambodia, she rattled off the lyrics to "Holiday in Cambodia."
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"I'm sticking with you" by the Velvet Underground. It is such a sweet little tune, and my little guy loved it.
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My dad reported a few days ago that my toddler was dancing in his car seat to Dirty Old Man on the way to daycare. Luckily, we had no reports from his teachers about him wanting to "spank somebody."
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My four month old immediately quiets down and visibly relaxes when you start playing Renegade.
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The 9-month-old I used to babysit could be soothed back to napping with the last bit of the titular song from Cabaret:

Start by admitting
From cradle to tomb
Isn't that long a stay.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Only a Cabaret, old chum,
And I love a Cabaret!

In dire situations, I'd move on to "A Little Priest" from Sweeney Todd, because it's long and easy to speak-sing while you rock a kid.
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HA. My godson loved to be sung to as a baby and I used to sing him Leonard Cohen songs. I was halfway through a late night, three octaves up rendition of "Everybody Knows" before I realized it was a COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE song to sing to a newborn baby. But he actually started to get fussy when I stopped, so I figured, "Eh, whatever" and kept going.
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We sometimes sing The Decemberists' "Shankhill Butchers" to our kid. It's...arguably a lullaby, I suppose.
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I used to babysit a five-year-old who liked me to sing the Magnetic Fields' "Papa Was a Rodeo" while he fell asleep.
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My friend's 5yo daughter thought that "Who Let the Dogs Out" was a kid's song, and would march around singing,
Who let the dogs out? (Bark bark)
Who let the ducks out? (Quack quack)
Who let the pigs out? (Oink oink)
and so on...

A lot of traditional lullabies really did have some pretty dark and inappropriate lyrics.
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Mine get a mi of bigband and jazz, with a bit of queen thrown in for good measure. #1 was largely impartial to anything, but #2 adores everything (except the high "meeeee" immediately prior to That Guitar Bit in Bohemian Rhapsody).

Interestingly, #1 now adores singing (age 3), and insists, every night, that I sing the bongobongobongo song before bed. She's even started doing the interjections.
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I used to sing my l'il sprog to sleep with "Jesus" & "After Hours" by the Velvet Underground, "Alabama Song" by The Doors and "Elvis Presley Blues" & "I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll" by Gillian Welsh. However, the one bit of music that was total baby ambien was Nick Cave's "The Boatman's Call" album.
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Radiohead's "Creep" and Bowie's Queen Bitch worked really well for my best friend's three-year-old daughter.

Plus it's cute when a kid suddenly busts out "FLIPPITY BOBBITY HAT."
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OH OH, I just remembered that my dad used to sing "Stewball" to me when I was a kid. And "Bed of Rose's" by the Statler Brothers. And my grandmother used to sing "We've Got Franklin Delano Roosevelt Back Again". Grandma also sang a very depressing song I don't quite remember, about the Titanic sinking. All of these songs were soothing as hell to me.
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I sing a modified version of Tom Waits' "Hang Down Your Head" to our 7 month old every night.
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