How to watch Yogaglo on my TV?
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I want to watch videos from a yoga website (Yogaglo) on my TV. The tools I have available to me are: MacBook, xbox 360, and Apple TV. Can I make it happen?

As far as I can tell, the videos are not downloadable. They seem to be viewable only on their website. And I'd be happy to buy cables if necessary. The TV is a nice Panasonic plasma. Oh, and the TV is hooked up to an Onkyo TX-NR414 receiver. Thanks!
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Apparently, Internet Explorer is available for XBox 360, so that may be your most direct route.
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Do you have 10.8 on the Macbook? Just put the video in fullscreen and activate AirPlay Mirroring. Your Apple TV will show the video and sound of whatever is on the screen. This is how I watch HBO GO on a TV as the iOS apps don't allow video out.
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AirPlay mirroring only works on Sandy/Ivy Bridge (released in 2011+) Macs and 2nd+ gen Apple TVs (the hockey puck); if that's you, use it. If not; just grab a Mini DisplayPort -> HDMI adapter from Amazon and use that.

If these videos are Flash or SL (likely), they won't run on the Xbox.
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The cheapest route is either Airplay from Mountain Lion, or the appropriate cables from your MacBook. Which cables are hard to say because I don't know what model you have for either your TV or computer. Probably Mini-displayport to HDMI.

Another option is AirParrot, which enables earlier versions of OSX to send video to a AppleTV. I actually prefer it on 10.8 too, because it is more flexible and lets you set up the AppleTV as if it were part of an extended desktop. You need a fast enough CPU though.
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Seconding ConstantineXVI's advice - the Xbox version of IE will not run flash. A Thunderbolt/HDMI adaptor runs about $10 on Amazon.
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