Finding a Christmas treat from the past
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Hello We are looking for a Christmas treat. They were toffee like almonds but I have googled this and only find recipes for toffee almonds. They are sugary, crunchy and In Australia around the late 1980s. We can remember having them but can't seem to remember their name. Any help will be appreciated. Angela
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Can you be a bit more specific? Were there almonds in/on it? Was there chocolate? Was it flat? In globs? My mom makes this sort of thing annually, does that look familiar?
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Like Almond Roca? Or is this a homemade thing?
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Google 'candied almonds' and check out some of the pictures. But i wonder, are you talking about the ones that were pink or white?
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Were they coated in a red sugary crust, a bit like sugared peanuts?
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I ate quite a few sugared almonds in Australia in the late eighties. They were a common party favour, particularly at Christmas and weddings.
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Or were they perhaps caramelised almonds, also eaten at Christmas?
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Maybe gebrannte mandeln, a type of candied almond? Strong associations with Christmas. Here is a recipe in English with a photo.
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Vienna Almonds?
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You don't mean dragées, do you?
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(Specifically, what they describe under "Jordan Almonds")?
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If you are actually in Australia, Woollies has vanilla sugary almonds right now that are crunchy and delicious (the maple cashews are pretty good, too). The coating is sort of toffee-like, might they be a good enough substitution?
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