My vertical blinds won't rotate
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Help me fix the vertical blinds in my apartment before I move out.

When I moved into my apartment, I didn't like the tacky verticle blinds they had on the bedroom windows (these are the cheap plastic ones you see in every apartment building). So, with the landlord's approval, I took them down and put up my own mini blinds. Now that I'm moving out this coming weekend, I'm putting the verticle blinds back up.

While they were down, they just sat in my storage closet. But now they are back up...except that they don't work. They won't rotate when I turn the rod. I never took the blinds off, so it's not like I put them on wrong. It's like the rod isn't catching whatever it is supposed to in order to make the blinds turn.

There is a horizontal grooved rod that each blind is attached to that causes them to rotate (ie, there is no "pulley" cord system for this). What happened? Why aren't these working now? I have two 72" blinds that are doing this, but a 30" set of verticle blinds is working fine. I don't want to leave these broken. Is there an easy fix?
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Go buy some new cheapies, I say, if you're so concerned.
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Call the landlord today and tell him to have maintenance come by and look at your broken vertical blinds. Hey, you don't know how they got broken, you just used them as blinds. You're still a tennant (for one more day at least), you want them fixed.
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I'm having the same problem with my nice wood horizontal blinds. They are VERY difficult to open or close (raise and lower is easy to do). There are long wooden sticks attached to the mechanism that opens and closes the blinds. It can be moved, but I sometimes have to use pliers to get the job done. Any ideas?
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