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Looking for Messiah sings, greater Boston area.

It may be a bit late for this year, but can anyone recommend a good Messiah sing in the greater Boston area? (I'll gladly schlep to Portsmouth, the South Shore, or Nashoba Valley for a good one.)

I'd prefer one where the audience sings the whole thing (or at least substantially all of it). Would love to perform it with a full-fledged chorus and orchestra, but I've found a great festival chorus for the holidays, and rehearsals for that group take priority. But there is always time for a Messiah sing.

If any group does a Messiah sing around Eastertime (which seems like a better fit for the Messiah), I'm open to that too.

Thank you and merry Christmas/Festivus to everyone.
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JP Sing Messiah is tomorrow night (the 22nd). I haven't ever attended, so can't personally speak to the quality.

And you may have already checked Boston.com events, but they might have more.
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