So, what is alt.chi?
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HCI people: I have an opportunity to think about going to alt.chi next year. From what I can gather, it looks interesting, but also will be expensive to travel to and to attend. So, has anyone been in the past, or actually presented alt.chi papers?

Basically, do I spend the Xmas hols thinking about this? It looks like alt.chi papers are scheduled into the main paper tracks - I think? Also it looks as if they are archived in ACM as extended abstracts. But beyond that, it seems murky to me. I know there are conference organizers I can contact, but I'd like to get attendees' (and maybe presenters') perspectives as well. For instance, do people present in alternate formats? - Or are these regular paper panels? Many thanks!
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Are alt.chi papers are presented in the main paper tracks at the main CHI conference (I should clarify)?
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They're presented like papers but are on their own sessions.
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Thanks tjenks, that makes sense.
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