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Help me identify a Christmas movie/tv special.

I think it was on PBS, or at least that feels right because that's what we mostly watched when I was really young. It would have to have been made pre-1989 (I think) and I only remember a couple of bits out of it.

1.) There is a Christmas pudding/cake and the narrator (a kid) says that the same uncle always find the coin baked into it. There may have been something about the kid really wanting it, I can't remember. The dinner has a large extended family at the table.

2.) The boy, maybe on a dare, maybe not, ends up singing carols in front of the spooky house that is inhabited by the town loaner who terrifies the kids. About ten seconds after they start singing a voice from inside the house joins in and the kids scatter.

It feels like the story should be set several decades back (at least) and be set in a small town, but from every plot summary I could find about A Christmas Story, it isn't that. (Yes, as far as I know, I have never seen A Christmas Story - unless I am describing it here.)

Checking Wikipedia and IMDB led me nowhere and my Google-fu is lacking here, probably because these are minor scenes and I cannot remember the overall plot.
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"A Child's Christmas In Wales". Definitely. Most likely this adaptation, although there could be many others.

The text is here if you want to read it (it's worth it).
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That looks like it. The caroling bit from the story and the showing of this in 1987 would fit perfectly with my memories.

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EC has it! There are a few variations, but I recall the one she links being shown on PBS in the late 80s too, and we loved it.
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