Help me find an old Stephen Jay Gould article.
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Help me find a Stephen Jay Gould (I think) essay.

Long ago and far away, I picked up a used, outdated intro college reader called "The Conscious Reader". (You can find new copies on the web, but I think I had the 6th edition or so, and I can't find the table of contents for older editions.)

The version I had had an essay by (I'm pretty sure) Stephen Jay Gould. It was not the essay "Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of the Dinosaurs" that is in the current edition. Instead, it was about gender and how populations of species tend to remain in gender balance despite forces that would seem to push it to different ratios.

There was some Bigger Lesson about science, and an important example about insects that have a different gender ratio because they had some weird thing where they ate their mate or mother or some such pleasantries.
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"Death Before Birth, or a Mite's Nunc Dimittis"? (Chapter 6 in The Panda's Thumb)
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That's it! Thanks very much.
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