What game can I play with my dad?
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Please recommend an app that I can play with my dad!

My dad and I use iPads. We've been playing Words with Friends, but that's getting kind of old. I'd like to find a new app for us to play.

Here are the details of what I'm looking for:

1. Free is best, no or unobtrusive ads is even better. If it's really low cost (like 99 cents) we could do that.

2. My dad is very smart and likes puzzle type games. Word and logic games are things we both enjoy. We played Draw Something for a while but got tired of it quickly. I've been enjoying QatQi but it's not something I can play against my dad.

3. I don't like math or number games.

4. I'd like a game where we take turns, not a game where we play independently and then compare scores.

If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them!
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Best answer: Letterpress was certainly the most talked-about iOS word game in the latter portion of this year.

Ticket to Ride is a completely amazing multiplayer board game, although it's not within your price limit ($6.99). But it's worth springing for. Everyone I've ever played it with has become obsessed.
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Ticket to Ride is an excellent board game and the app version is equally excellent. I'm not sure about current pricing but I know it's on sale from time to time.
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I like QuizBoard. Technically for the phone, but it scales up just fine. Some of the questions are...dumb, and there's a non-US-centric focus on sports questions (cricket? Formula 1 racing? wut?), but I like it a lot.

You can unlock a host of different board configurations with the pay version. I think it was worth the two bucks. YMMV.
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Best answer: For some reason, Ticket to Ride for iPad doesn't support asynchronous multiplayer, so you can't take a turn, leave the game alone, then have your dad take a turn hours later. Unlike Words with Friends, both of you have to be connected at the same time and play the game out live. Ticket to Ride Pocket, however, does support async multiplayer and is $2. It does not look as good as the iPad-specific version, though, as it will run as a scaled-up iPhone app.

Seconding Letterpress. You guys seem very likely to enjoy that.
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Best answer: Yes, yes, thirding letterpress!
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Are you in the same place, or long distance? If you are in the same place, Spaceteam is an insanely fun and funny multiplayer game.
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Response by poster: We live in different towns and each take one turn per night of our game.
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I recommend both Ascension and Carcassonne, although again, both cost a few bucks.*

Also, you guys should check out ItsYourTurn.com, which lets you play a whole bunch of different common board games against each other asynchronously. They have an iPhone/iPad app.

*The mental disconnect a lot of people have about paying for apps confuses me. You would pay 2-3 bucks for a deck of cards in the grocery checkout line, right? You can get what is normally a $30 board game for *the same price*!
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Clucks is free and really fun. You take turns describing/guessing a word via video, without using certain words (it uses speech recognition to make sure of that). I've been playing with friends over different time zones for a while now and it works really well, plus it's fun to see their faces!
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Scramble with Friends, Dice with Buddies.
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I play a lot of iPhone/iPad games with my cousin. Lately we've been enjoying a Wheel of Fortune clone called Phrase Friends that's pretty fun. There's a free version but I dumped the ads for a buck or so. As you win games you earn coins that allow you to buy new categories of clues. It can occasionally bug out but restarting the app fixes it every time.

I also play a trivia game with random strangers called "Trivie." I'm a trivia hound and find it to be pretty easy, and I'm undefeated after dozens of games. My cousin couldn't win for shit, however, so ymmv. There's a free version, but a buck or two drops the ads. Winning the game allows you to select trivia categories using coins you've won, but you can play "Random Trivia" categories for free.
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Response by poster: We've really been enjoying Letterpress! Thanks everyone.
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