An android app for seeing iTunes data
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I have a rather specific question regarding iTunes and android. I'm looking for an app that will locally save, on my android phone, the data of what is in my itunes library in a browsable way, WITHOUT actually having to put the music itself on my phone. I'm imagining an app that could, say, parse my iTunes library file and let me save & browse it on my phone. (The reason I want something like this is because I use Amazon's cloud drive to store my music, and it's a great service, but the Amazon mp3 app is not very good for browsing my music collection. For example, I can't search by genre or composer there. Moving to another cloud provider, eg Google Play or iTunes match, won't work because they don't provide sufficient space.)
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Do you mean the 25,000 track limit on iTunes match?
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Response by poster: Yeah, and also the 20,000 track limit on Google Play.
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Another work around could be using a streamer like subsonic.
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AudioGalaxy is another such streamer.
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Your iTunes library is in an XML file. Last summer I was fiddling around and exported it into excel and it is in my Dropbox. Far from ideal since you can't filter or throw thr data into a pivot table.

I don't have the file in google docs right now but on another spreadsheet if you visit google docs in your rouser you can use filters(I can on my iPad so I imagine Google let's android users do that). So maybe that's an option.
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