My New Smartphone Seems Less Smart
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On my last smartphone, I could push a button, say "Find pizza" and the phone would bring up a map showing all the local pizzerias. Or "Find 300 Commonwealth Avenue" and it would show me a map with my destination and where I was. Now when I say "Find pizza" my phone instead does an internet search for pizza. If it is a more specific command, often the internet search will lead me to an option to find the selected item using Google Maps instead. But it's still a little annoying that I have to choose things with my finger instead of my voice.

My question is this: what are the voice commands for the Galaxy S2 phone? Are there different keywords that will change what search is conducted? For example, as a former programmer, it seems likely (and in keeping with the logical mindset we have) that saying something like "Search for X" might call up a map of local Xs, "Find X" might be the keyword for an internet search of X, and "Navigate to X" would activate the GPS navigator.

The trouble is that I don't know what the specific voice commands are for the S2 phone, and the instruction manual is woefully inadequate. Can somebody please enlighten me?
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Best answer: If you want to directly search on a map, use "map of ____".

Here's a full list of the voice action commands.
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Note that third-party programs can also be operated by voice commands, if they're built for it; for instance, "Listen to X" or "Play X" opens a Youtube search by default, but if you have a music player like Winamp or Doubletwist installed, you can use the same command to cue up a song from your library.
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Response by poster: Dobi, you are my new hero.

Thank you both! This is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.
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For posterity I think there should be some mention of Android in this question or its tags, since it's a question about a feature of the Android smartphone OS.
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