Where is the coldest place on earth - right now?
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Where is the coldest (or hottest) place on earth right now? I'm looking for a dynamic website so that I can see on a daily basis the places on earth with the most extreme temperatures.

I caught a radio announcer mentioning that the top 3 coldest places in the world yesterday were in the Yukon. I've done a quick google search but haven't turned anything up - looking for some help from you to find such a link. I am NOT looking for information on the coldest temperatures ever recorded - that's easy - I want a snapshot of right now.
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This site does what you want. It's not very, very localised, but it will tell you that right now Asuncion is the hottest and Fairbanks is the coldest, and all the places in between.
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This site does hottest, coldest, most precipitation.

It basically says that parts of Russia had the coldest recorded temperatures yesterday. Do you know how cold it was in Yukon? Maybe you could compare temperatures to this site.
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Using the same site that I posted above, the top 4 coldest locations in western hemisphere were located in the Yukon territory, the lowest temperature being -45.9°C (-50.6°F).

However, Russia beat the Yukon by a little bit, with the lowest temperature being -52.6°C (-62.7°F). Making Russia, the coldest place in the world yesterday, according to this website.

Brrr. That's cold.

Also, be careful when reading the website. Canadian temperatures are listed in Celsius, and Russian temperatures are listed in Fahrenheit.
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I did some more research and found out that Russia has been suffering from a week-long freeze. This news article confirms that parts of Siberia reached -50°C over the past week. And weather forecasters predict that it's supposed to get even colder over the weekend.

On the flip side, Canadian-based weather websites seem to indicate that even the coldest parts of the Yukon didn't get colder than -45°C over the past week.

Maybe you could call in the radio station and ask where they got their information? Maybe they didn't include wind chill when factoring the coldest temperature?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your answers. I may just call the radio station as they certainly said "coldest on the planet" but from what you guys have provided I wonder if they were using a western hemisphere website. I'll take a look at the sites you provided and add them to my favourites.
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I know this is late in coming, but I recently found this site and thought that it is exactly what you are looking for. It gives a list of the hottest and coldest places on Earth, or just in the USA, as of the last hour.
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