What to do with unripe apricots
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A friend helpfully picked all my apricots for me, many of which are absolutely green. Is there any way to ripen them? If not, is there any way to use them?
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No. If they were already orange but not soft yet then you could let them ripen in a sealed bag but I don't think apricots will ripen if picked while still green.
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You can preserve them in a traditional English way which calls specifically for green apricots, or how about a chutney?
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Green apricot chutney is AMAZING. Almost worth picking 'em green. almost. Since you've already got picked green ones, make green apricot chutney.

I assume your friend must be very young, as we were when we picked green ones, and I'm afraid that I don't have the exact recipe that we used.
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Oh good god man, you must at least attempt some umeshu with them. Sochu isn't necessary, vodka will do (or soju, or any flavourless white spirit). I have it on good authority that green apricots work well.
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You can also use unripe apricots to make Umeboshi, if you're very patient. Here's an excellent recipe.
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I googled ["green apricots" recipe] and there are several results, including Preserved Green Apricots.
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Apparently some apricots are climacteric (i.e., they can riped post-picking), but some are not. What I'd do? I'd buy a some ripe-ass bananas, then seal a few of 'em in a plastic baggie with an apricot or two. If the apricots get riper, you've got climacteric ones! If not, you make some banana bread and some of that green apricot chutney.
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Umeshu would be the thing to do. The great thing is it will last for years and years and years - it tastes better with age, and we have some umeshu at our house in Japan made ten years ago that tastes fantastic.

This will save you from figuring out what to do with them, then doing it, and then eating it in one season.
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The wikipedia page on ripening has some information about how to artificially ripen fruit...but I agree that making one of the things suggested above would be a better way to go.
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