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I am in Japan and miss playing piano, and so am in the market for a quality - but cheap! - keyboard. Is this possible? Details inside.

I need your help, Metafilter musicians!

I am far away from home, and will be here for a while. I did some major rearranging of my room and I have a perfect space to put a keyboard, and am ready to tinkle some keys! (that doesn't sound right...)

I'd love to hear suggestions, since I have never bought a keyboard before. My maxium budget is $500, but I'd prefer paying around $300-$400. I am not too concerned about different voices and sounds; I would like it, though, to have midi and decent touch sensitivity. It might help if it was smaller since my apartment is rather tiny.

Finally, as I am living in Japan - if it was something I could purchase off Amazon Japan or at a store in Japan that would be extremely helpful.

Looking forward to the responses!
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Where are you living in Japan? The options could change wildly based on where you are.
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If you are in a city, you can probably play with some keyboards at Yodobashi Camera or Bic Camera.
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A friend of mine had a Yamaha P95 and said it was decent for the price. She always played with headphones on because of her neighbors. Amazon has a ton of keyboards if you're too far away from stores that sell them.
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Ochanomizu is the main area in Tokyo for music shops. West exit of the station, turn south, there's a street full of instrument shops.

Other than that, Bic or Yodobashi will have a wide assortment, as mentioned, that you'll probably be able to try out.
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I picked up a Casio Privia while I was over there. Good sound, weighted keys, in your price range. You should be able to find them at any Electronics or music store, and compare prices on or even used on Yahoo Auctions. I sold it before I returned to the us, and lo and behold it's more expensive here!
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Probably going with a privia. Thanks, guys!
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