Doomed with Rural Internet?
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I am moving to the Tri-Cities in Washington State next month, to a scenic, quasi-rural part of the area. While the Tri-Cities have fast Internet, my specific address is a bit out of the way, and it looks like Frontier Communications might be my only DSL option out there. They do have a 25 Mb plan, but the reviews are not great. It's less important for fun, but I need fast Internet for my work. Am I screwed? How can I get the best Internet speed and reliability in this scenario?
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Best answer: I wouldn't put much stock in online reviews. Happy customers generally don't don't post much about it. DSL is tried and true technology at this point. You will probably be fine, and if you aren't the culprit is more likely the wiring in your house than anything on the phone company side.
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Best answer: I've used Frontier before. I would buy the best plan you can afford since everyone in the area generally thought it sucked.
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