Android site and app login problems
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Android Login problems. I can't login to either Flickr or Tumblr using my android phone. I can login in just fine on my laptop but on my phone I am unable to login via the apps or direct to the websites via the browser. Does anybody have any idea why that would be the case?

I've googled and all I can find are app specific login problems. While my problem seems to be something general (I also can't login to metafilter via the browser). I've cleared my cache and cookies and I've uninstalled and reinstalled the apps. Still no joy.

I'm using a Verizon LG Lucid. I've tried via wifi and 4G.
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Do you have any special characters in your passwords that are hard to type with the keyboard?

Maybe try to enter the password in a plaintext field somewhere on the phone to see if it looks OK and then cut and paste it to the password field.
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Response by poster: Different passwords for different sites and I have entered the passwords very carefully while watching the single letter that shows momentarily in the droid password entry.

The only thing I can guess is that the passwords or usernames are getting spaces or capitalization added after entry somehow or something like but I have no idea how to disable/configure that.
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If it's a possible auto correct issue, go to settings -> language and input -> and then check the settings for the keyboard that you're using and you should be able to find an auto correct option.

However, I think that the keyboards get a hint to disable auto-correct in fields recognized as passwords - perhaps for these sites that's not being recognized.
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Response by poster: As an added detail, I did a reset my password request on tumblr via my laptop and used the browser on my phone to enter the website and had success but then when I tried the app I still had no luck. This is frustrating because everybody I contact for support points elsewhere!
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Response by poster: A further update. I can no longer log in to tumblr via my laptop. So somehow the passwords are getting mangled during submission.
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