A cute and cozy full coverage women's robe
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Searching for the perfect women's robe: "cute and cozy, non-Burqa-style robe." What this means in practice is something full coverage but without the shapeless lack of drape of some of those floor to ceiling women's robes that look like something cut for Lurch's body type.
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Response by poster: Of course a "woman's" robe would do.
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Here's a cute one at Kohl's.

This one at Sierra Trading post is pretty.

And of course, Nordstom has this Natori number, or a Betsey Johnson item.

Have you been to Victoria's Secret?
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Response by poster: Thanks. Just to shape the suggestions a little bit: all of the mid-thigh versions aren't really full coverage enough, which is a warmth issue, not a modesty issue, so silky robes are also not likely to be "cozy" enough. Some of the VS terrycloth robes look good, though.
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You really can't go wrong with VS. We all love them.
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I love my microfleece robe, which is super soft and warm without being bulky. I don't remember the brand, but it was from Nordstrom, which generally has very good robes. This robe looks like it might be made of similar stuff.
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Have you looked at Soft Surroundings?
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I personally covet these three robes.
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I like the Lands End Sleep-T Robe.
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I get mine from Lands End.
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I am so slow.
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Just fyi, silk is actually super-warm.
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How about lined silk? Wintersilks has a 'plush lined' silk robe. Julianna Rae also has lined silk ("spa robe" at top of page). If you do change your mind and long unlined not-too-thin silk is sufficiently cozy, I thought Narasilk was offering excellent value, though shipping won't be quite as fast as with a US retailer.

VS is kinda... I was shopping for a silk robe a little while ago. Number of silk robes, a pretty basic lingerie-n-sleepwear item, sold by VS: 0. Throw in a high per cent of tacky designs and the whole thing skewing young (pants with words on the bum, anyone?) and it's not high on my list of places I want to receive presents from; the quality is lacking. Further robe snobbery: I would not risk polyester (fleece), which doesn't absorb water after the bath well and tends to pill and look bad after not very many washes, or a loud/unusual design, unless I was positive the recipient was cool with polyester/that design.

Do not have Lands' End jersey knit robe, but have coveted and agree that that is a good direction for cozy-but-not-shapeless.
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I have a Lands End fleece robe that has held up well for years - the blanket stitching around edges (don't think they do it this way now) has frayed a little but that's the only sign of hard use and it's super warm in my 100+ year old drafty house. Not a sexy robe but super snuggly.
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I have this robe, and love it. It comes sized (x-small thru xxx-large) which I think helps avoid the shapeless aspect of the one-size-fits-all type robes. Soft and absorbent inner terry lining, but the outer microfiber lining (as opposed to fleece or thick terry) means it isn't bulky or heavy.
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You can try Garnet Hill and J. Jill, too.
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I have this Elizabeth Arden one and it's WONDERFUL. I live in a drafty, 100-year-old house and it's perfect on chilly mornings. Two layers (terry, thirsty waffle, both 100% cotton) and it has a good... heft to it, which I prefer over other tricot/jersey knit or velour robes that feel a bit too slinky for my taste. Warm, warm, warm. I'm 5'5" and it goes well past my knees. And it's unisex.
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I bought this one for one of my daughters for Xmas. It's awesome. I know it'll be warm, and the richness of the color and the scrolly-ness of the fleece save it from "burqa" status, IMHO.
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I got this wonderous robe for Christmas two years ago. It is comfortable, soft, gorgeous, warm and cozy as all get out, not bulky at all, and darn near stylish! The wrap shape is so flattering, and it makes it virtually draft-proof! The silk/cashmere material is so much more elegant and pleasant than terrycloth or fleece or something. I really can't recommend it highly enough.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the good suggestions. We (I had to bring my wife in on the decision so that it would be the one she really wanted) ended up going with a heavy jersey robe from LL Bean that has a hood. It fulfills the cozy requirement like crazy, but it not very flattering.
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