Stocking Stuffers for Young Boys
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Can you suggest some stocking stuffers for two boys, ages 11 and 13? They need to be inexpensive ($5ish) and ideally Amazon Prime items. Unsurprisingly, the boys like sports and video games. I'm a big reader though and I try to instill a reading habit in them when I can.

I always loved my stockings growing up (and was disappointed when mom thought I was too adult to have them anymore) so I need good ideas for my own son's stockings.
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Can you go to $11? Because this book is fantastic for young sports nuts, and written at a level a middle-schooler can tackle easy. It's written in first-person from Ted William's point of view, and includes not only sound technical advice with photos, but lots of stories about what it was like to be a major league baseball player, and some of the famous players he met throughout his career.
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My not-much-of-a-reader 10-year-old son is suddenly into the Guys Read books. I think there are several of them, boy-directed short story anthologies on various themes.
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Thanks both of you. I just ordered both books and will get them Friday!
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My parents always filled our stockings with many ridiculous things and a few very awesome things, all individually wrapped. A given stocking may include:

- band-aids (try bacon shaped or pirate)
- batteries
- tiny flashlights
- tiny keychains (one was a measuring tape, another a thermometer, here is a mustache)
- gift certificates
- tangerines
- walnuts
- candy
- sardines (Dad: "guess Santa got that one mixed up! I'll take that" x every year)
- playing cards
- silly putty
- tiny tool kits (this one is shaped like a grenade for some reason; Kikkerland survival tool)
- cheap paperbacks (is Captain Underpants too young for your kids?)

I spent most of my youth pawing through walnuts, etc, to get to the good stuff, but it's always the batteries and the band-aids that get the most use.
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We put a lot of small games and magic tricks in my ten-year-old's stocking:
Rubik's Cube. (This is very popular on the deck at swim meets, actually tearing kids away from game devices lately. Link goes to a 2x2 speed cube, which meets your price/prime criteria, but they'd probably like a 3x3 model better, which will kick you up to about $9)
Zombie Survival Playing Cards.
Stenzzle Sports Puzzle.
Mad Gab.
Balancing Bird.
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Depending on maturity, that's a good age to get a first pocketknife.
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These fyrflyz spinners are a lot of fun ($6.50 each or $17 for a pack of 3).
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-Gross candy-amazon lists gummy body parts and boogers, for instance.
-Small gift cards-$5 to McDonald's or itunes or Redbox for game rental or whatever their thing is.
-Groupon or handmade coupon to do something fun over the Christmas break. I got one of my kids a bowling one for a family trip, and she'll bring her best friend.
-scratch off lottery tickets! Of course the rule is if they get more than $100 they have to split with mom :)
-new toothbrush. Not exciting, but hey.
-cool pens
-small figurine from their favorite video game
-card game or magic trick-kids this age often love magic

I could go on all day. I love stockings! :). And hey, no reason parents shouldn't get them, too.
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next year plan just a little farther ahead and Land of Nod (a catalog company) has 2-4 pages of stocking-stuffer-level toys including a lot of nostalgic ones like the ball-paddle game, gyroscopes, and the like, most for under $10 (most under $5) and all for a flat shipping fee. or buy a bunch of them this year and stick them in a box for next year! :)
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Great suggestions so far!! Just ordered four more items. Love the bacon band aids!
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I often go to places like Party City, because they have fun little inexpensive items, like super-balls, little puzzle games, inexpensive yo yos, etc. Another fun item: pop rocks. Also, I will go to an Asian market to get fun unusual candies like pocky, botan rice candy (the wrappers are edible), or unusual flavours of chewy or hard candy.
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Minifigs! Series 8 are the latest I've seen actually for sale. (This isn't a great price -- I get them at Target for less than that, but oh lord who wants to go to Target this week?)
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