Seeing all instances of Google Calendar recurring event.
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Can I get a detailed view of all instances of a recurring Google Calendar event?

I'm setting up a weekly seminar series that will have a different speaker and topic each time. My office uses Google Calendar, so I've created a recurring event and added the speaker to the description field of each instance. Now I'd like to be able to print out a list of speakers over the next X weeks. Is there a way to do this using Google Calendar? Is there anyway to see the different descriptions for multiple instances of a recurring event?
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Best answer: Yes, but you'll have to do it in a kludgey sort of way that isn't the prettiest: Make a new calendar, copy the event series to it, view only that calendar, go into agenda view, select print from the "more" dropdown, select the date range you want, and make sure to check the "print descriptions" box. It will have the same info (event name, time, location) printed for each instance of the event, but will also have the different descriptions.
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Response by poster: That works perfectly. Thanks!
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