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[GiftFilter] I need a gift for my brother. Difficulty: Estranged siblings who talk 4 times a year at best.

My brother (27) and I are "distant". There was no fallout or big fight, we just "went seperate ways" a few years ago. We meet about 4 times a year (Easter, Christmas, parents' birthdays) and pretend to get along perfectly for the sake of our parents. That is also the reason I need a gift - to keep up appearances.
In the past years, I tried to pick gifts he really likes, but I'm out of ideas. His gifts for me, if he remembers my birthday, are in the "picked this up on the gas station" category, so I frankly don't care about the "liking it" factor anymore. I just need something that looks like I mean well, if in reality, I have no clue. A "non-offensive" gift.

Some pointers:

- I bought him Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition for his birthday 3 weeks ago. He used to love the game. He still hasn't downloaded it, so I guess PC games are no option.
- He used to play tabletop games (Warhammer 40K). Gifts relating to it (models, books) went ignored/untouched.
- I think he goes to industrial clubs, but I don't know what music exactly. So no CDs/music.
- His clothing style is dark/goth (?). Accessories are an option, actual clothes aren't (don't know his size).
- He likes Tolkien in general, Game of Thrones, has already seen The Hobbit and owns all books. Fantasy books are an option.

Most importantly: Under 30$, available on Amazon.
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If it was me, it'd be socks and chocolates. Looks like you're trying, takes no real effort, is a stereotypical "present", he'll use/eat or regift it.
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Amazon gift card for $25.
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A winter hat (+gloves/scarf?) in broadly the right aesthetic?
Nice coffee/alcohol?
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Does he drink alcohol? In which case, would there be some booze or booze accessories he might like? (e.g., a sample pack of craft beers, a set of beer mugs, etc.)
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If you're okay with a fantasy book he might not know and could find himself unexpectedly loving the snot out of, you can't do much better than Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy. The first book stands on its own, and is available at all major bookstores I've been to.
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Gift card, either to Amazon or just a regular Visa/whatever, in a funny card. If that's not enough effort for your parents, why not just ask him what he wants?
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He drinks and smokes, but it's the refined taste of a guy who lives with his parents at age 27 (quantity over quality, straight from the bottle). Our parents are no fans of neither habit.

Things/books he might actually like are fine. I'm not trying to intentionally give him something he hates.

"Why not ask him" - Because he doesn't reply to my e-mails/calls. Yeah, we're THAT distant. We pretend to not exist outside the 4 occasions we meet.
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Hm. Yeah, if a gift card seems too impersonal (although I love gift cards; I get to buy what I want) then a bottle of his favorite booze or a carton of cigs will suffice. You can deliver these with a toothy grin and make some dark joke like, "Celebrate by shortening your life span!"

(I drink and smoke. Send me these things as well, please.)
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This is a textbook case for an Amazon gift card.
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Amazon gift card attached to some kind of edible holiday treat.
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I'd go with edibles (fruit basket, chocolate, fancy coffee etc.) or a gift card over more stuff.... he can always share the goodies with your parents. Or what the heck: a donation to charity in his name --- if he can't even be bothered to respond to your emails, the heck with knocking yourself out to please him.
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A scarf from a chain store with a gift receipt.
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Does he like to travel with a lot of gadgets? How about a Grid It? (note: not all colors are eligible for free shipping).
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Best would be get him a mall gift card. Then he can get whatever he likes.
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Flannel sheets -- not sure they can meet your price range.

Gadget stuff collection -- like the little shelf you can put your phone on while charging it right next to the outlet, cord keepers, Bondi - the flexible cell phone holder. Depending on his phone, a case that also acts as a back up battery (that one is about $35).
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Magnetic putty is kind of awesome no matter who you are. The color-changing stuff looks cool too. But seriously, magnetic putty. When you put the magnet on the putty, the putty oozes up and engulfs it. It is very very cool.
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It's hard to get a gift for someone you're close to in their field of interest. If they're really into it, they've already got the obvious stuff and you don't know about the esoteric stuff. If they're mildly into it, then they like the thing itself but not books about it or food in the shape of it. With someone you're not close to, you're just not going to get it right. So why try so hard when you know it won't be appreciated. I am not a fan of gift cards but this year even my own offspring are getting them in their stockings (albeit to local joints, not Amazon).
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You know what I could always use more of and resent spending money on? Belts. I think I'm probably not the only one.
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Fudge. (maybe i'm just piggish. I crave fudge this time of year.)
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Well since his gift go-to is the gas station, might it be apropos to get him a gas (gift) card? That is what I am doing for my brother with whom I have basically the same relationship with. I know gift cards are impersonal but it's just so damn practical (assuming he drives). Gas is something that anyone who drives has to pay for and everyone hates to pay for. You come across a gift card in your wallet one day on an empty tank and it's literally a free ride--pretty sweet.
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I just got the book dubadubowbow linked to; it looks like I put a lot thought into the gift. Aka "happy parents". Thanks, everyone.
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I suggest that since he only speaks to you during these occasions, you use them to store up for future gift giving ideas if possible.
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