Travel magazines for the Spanish-language reader?
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Are there any magazines from Mexico or South/Central American countries specializing in travel to the region, in Spanish, directed towards the Spanish speaking reader, that are available via subscription in the US? If so, which would you recommend?

I'm trying too buy a gift for my Spanish-speaking wife who loves travel and loves Mexico and the rest of South/Central America. Her travel interests are less of the resort type and more "off the beaten path" type.
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Have you considered getting the Lonely Planet books in Spanish? I hung out with a pair of girls from Mexico when I was in Costa Rica and they said spanish speaking travellers rely on them as much as everyone else does.
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Response by poster: I'll consider that empath but I was thinking more along the lines of something that would show up in her mailbox once a month with pretty pictures to brighten her day and that she could read in Spanish (for fun as she is a native English speaker...)
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You might see if Mexico Desconocido is available in the US.
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It sounds like Mexicanisimo might be just the thing. Lots of pretty pictures and articles about Mexican culture. The website is in Spanish, if you go to the "Tienda virtual" tab I think you can subscribe from there.
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Seconding Mexico Desconocido. You can subscribe here, they send it to the US.

Perhaps she'd enjoy Chilango, a magazine and website dedicated to Mexico City (bonus: she'll learn a lot of slang).
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Response by poster: I followed that link to subscribe to Mexico Desconocido but after filling out the form (and after nearly getting to the point where I had to give them my credit card info over http...) it turns out they don't actually ship to the US. If anyone else has any leads for how to get a subscription for that magazine though, I'd love to know about it. I'll look into Mexicanisimo now but Chilango seems a bit outside my price range. Thanks for all the suggestions thus far though!
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Check your MeMail.
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