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Are there online trainings/tutorials for...well, creating online trainings/tutorials? (Books or other resources also welcome.)

I need to train a reasonably large user base (most researchers and business managers at a university, as well as some random people across the globe who'll need to remote in and use the software) on a new online system we'll be rolling out this spring for some required reporting to the university.

We'll do some in-person trainings and can handle that, but most people are going to want to figure out the system on their own at two a.m. the day the report's due, or they'll be in other countries at random times of day when we won't be available to answer questions, or whatever. So we'll want to have some online materials for them. Probably some written, some video-capture - we're still figuring out the best way to structure and create these materials.

Which is where the question comes in. None of us have any background in this and the university resources who do have background, cannot be available to us in the very short timeframe in which this has to happen. They may be able to help us put together better materials later - but we have to get some materials out the door in the next few months so we're pretty much on our own.

I'd like to do this as right as I can for an amateur, so I'm looking for some reading material on instructional design for online asynchronous training. Books? Blog posts? Short online courses about how to design short online courses?

I'd like to cast a wide net here - I'll take whatever you've got and sort through it from there to figure out what might suit our needs for this particular userbase and project.
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Since your time is limited, just throw together some tutorial videos. Create the materials for the in-person trainings and then use those to create the tutorial videos.
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