Hot Wings in Dubai
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My girlfriend and I like to have a non-traditional Christmas meal. This year we're going to be in Dubai and we'd like to go for hot wings, curly fries, jalapeño poppers and deep fried x. I've already located a TGI Fridays and a Hard Rock Cafe, but I'm wondering if Mefites can recommend somewhere else I ought to look at.
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Wings might be hard. When I was in Dubai this summer I ate at a great fried fish kind of place called Aprons & Hammers. In addition to local fish and crab they had all the usual fried things, including fried shrimp, french fries, onion rings and calamari.
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Thanks, 2bucksplus. Aprons & Hammers is already on the list. Anywhere else good?
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I can't think of anywhere else with that kind of food.
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Hi from Dubai. There aren't places that do that stuff well, though we do have Chili's. And we could have a meetup................
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In case anyone finds this post, we went to the Hard Rock Café at the Festival City Mall and had some nice hot wings there.
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