Is a replacement IPOD battery any better?
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I have a third generation ipod with the now-infamous crappy battery that falls just outside eligibility for the lawsuit reimbursement. All ranting aside, if I spend the $59 to get a new battery, is it actually going to last any longer than the lame original? Or am I better off investing in a new player altogether?
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The replacements work great. If you're happy with the iPod outside of the battery, go for it.

There are a number of vendors that offer some terrific replacement batteries and instructions on self installing. Just take your time - it's a little tricky, but not that hard.
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The batteries in iPods are no different to thise found in other devices. Whether you get it replaced or buy something else, if it uses a rechargeable battery, you'll run into the same problem eventually (of course it may be cheaper to replace the battery in a non-iPod).
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I've done the battery replacement. Worked fine here too. I picked up from (can't remember who) a battery that was longer lasting that the origianl as well.
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I got mine from Small Dog. Worked like a charm. They sell 3G replacements for $29.
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Best answer: Totally worth it. I did the replacement myself.

I was getting about 5 hours before, and now I get at least 8 hours of continuous play (I've never used it longer than that without recharging, so I can't say what the life is).
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Has the replacement lasted longer than the original one?
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Best answer: My original battery lasted about 8 months at full power, then dwindled down to nothing at the 12.5 month mark (just out of warranty!). I got the replacement battery from, replaced it myself in about 10 minutes, and have had no problems in the past year since then.
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i got a replacement from newertech and while it was hard to open the case, replacement itself was easy.

i noticed a big difference, but that's also because i was barely getting 3 hrs a charge from the original.
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