Windows equivalent to Target Disk Mode?
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Colleague's Windows laptop isn't starting up properly. Would it be possible to boot this laptop as an external hard drive to another computer, a la Apple's Target Disk Mode, perhaps using an Ethernet cable? We have both Windows machines and Macs in the office. Please note that I am exclusively looking for this sort of solution, within the confines of this particular question.
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Short answer: No. You'd have to take the drive out of the machine and place it in a USB/Firewire enclosure

Longer answer: Have a look at a rescue boot CD/DVD. You might be able to bring up enough of an operating system to allow another computer to connect via the network and offload the hard drive.
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To the best of my knowledge, there's no analogous function in Windows. You have to remove the disk and install it in another machine (or maybe a USB-connected external drive case).

I bet a beer, though, that there's some kind of Linux-based live-CD tool that will do this.
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There's a slightly less painful way to do this without purchasing another drive enclosure. It's a fancy but not very expensive cable that plugs right into the (removed) hard drive, and connects to another pc via usb.

SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Cable
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Third-ing the boot CD answer. This will get the computer into a state where data can be transferred, assuming the problems are not hardware-related.
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Aquaman, that cable looks like a solution to a problem I have (unbootable disk + broken screen). I don't know much about different types of hard drives (and I haven't yet taken the drive out of the broken machine). But would you guess that the hard drive from an 8-year old VAIO laptop (with 14'' display, to get an idea of the size) is likely to be one of types that works with that adapter?
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No. I can't imagine any way how that would work.

To rescue the drive data use Clonezilla as a Live CD / on a memory stick. It supports network drives as a target for storing a drive image.

benito.strauss: It will work. Your drive is most probably a 2.5" IDE harddisk (44-pin connector).
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