Copying between iCal calendars, Exchange to Google.
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I have a work calendar in Exchange. I also have an Android phone and a Mac. For the last couple of years I've been using Spanning Sync to copy entries from my Exchange calendar to a Google calendar and then on my phone I can see all my calendars using the built in calendar program ( I also use Touchdown so I can see my exchange calendar on my phone if I have to, but it doesn't integrate with the phone calendars so I have to use two different applications to see my entire calendar, which is a pain). The problem is that Spanning Sync is going away. Is there any other application or service out there that'll automatically copy entries from one iCal calendar to another?
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iCal in 10.6+ and Android 2.1+ or higher will support a connection to an Exchange 2007+ server directly to sync Exchange calendars - and that Exchange calendar will be visible as "just another calendar," not something you have to view in another app. If you're using older versions of the above platforms, you will likely want to consider upgrading rather than using a third party tool like Spanning Sync to keep things going. Put simply, the newer versions of all of these have made tools like Spanning Sync unnecessary for most folks.`

(Or is this a case where your system administrator blocks syncing to unapproved devices, or is still running Exchange 2003?)
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Response by poster: OK, let me clarify. I can get to the Exchange account in iCal and it's visible as just another calendar. I've found that the server policies we've got won't let me use the native Exchange access in Android, but Touchdown works fine. The problem is that now on my Android phone if I want all my regular calendars I can get to them using the native apps, but if I want my Exchange calendar I can only get to it in Touchdown. What I've been doing is creating a new calendar on Google, and then having Spanning Sync copy all entries from my Exchange calendar to that calendar. Then I can use the native Android apps to see all my calendars, rather than having to use both the native as well as Touchdown.
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Response by poster: Oh yeah, Mac is running 10.7.5, and phone is running 4.1.1 (and I've also got an N7 running 4.2.1).
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Response by poster: Or, to put it differently, Touchdown uses it's own calendar database, not the native one. And reading the threads on their Google Groups support, it doesn't look like they plan on supporting a dump to the native database anytime soon.
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Best answer: I'm not sure this is what you want, but there are widgets for Android that can show you a combination of the native calendar with calendars from other apps. Agenda Widget Plus works with Touchdown as well as the native one.
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Response by poster: That's a viable alternative. I figured since Touchdown wouldn't export they wouldn't allow any apps to view their data, guess I was wrong.
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