This Takes Five Seconds On My iPad
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So, there's this photo of an amazing catch in an American football game that I would like to use as the lock screen wallpaper for my Galaxy S2 7.0 tablet. This seems impossible.

I've moved the image to my tablet and opened up the stock Android app for modifying the lock screen wallpaper. I've tried many different sizes for the image, but I am inevitably presented with this.

I don't want the image cropped. I want the full-size image as my lock screen wallpaper. I did some research to try and figure out how to accomplish this, and was directed to an app called Wallpaper Wizardrii. It allows me to resize the image, but Android refuses to let me just use the image "as is".

Frustrated rhetorical question: Why is this so stupidly arcane?
Serious question: How can I set the wallpaper the way I want it?
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Best answer: Add black areas to the wallpaper so that the region you want is in the middle. As to why it's like that, wallpapers are scrollable, even if they don't scroll in a particular setting, so they need extra space to either side that can be revealed when scrolling.
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Response by poster: Ah, I see. Thanks for the help. I was able to produce this by loading the original image into

That seems like the sort of thing that the stock app ought to be able to help you do. Ah, well.
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