Open-range ranching in Ontario
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What is the situation regarding open-range ranching in Ontario?

My parents' recently purchased a wilderness property. Since then, we have discovered that a distant neighbour does not fence his cattle in and that they have roamed over parts of my parents' land leaving a noticeable impact.

I am curious what the status of raising cattle open-range is in Ontario and if it is even legal. If it is legal, what are my parents' rights and what are the farmers' rights? The straightforward solution is fencing the property (no easy task for 750 acres of wilderness), but I am concerned that this will wake a sleeping dog and cause issues related to adverse possession or prescriptive easements because he has apparently been doing this for some time now.
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Fencing 750 acres of a remote property you don't live on is impossible, basically. Forget that "solution" now. Even if you do live there riding those fences would be a part time job for someone.

Not to mention that you'd be fencing out all the wildlife that currently uses the resources on the property.
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