Best charity for Haiti in 2012?
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What is the best charity currently working in Haiti to which I can donate?

Since 2010 I've donated to the Clinton Foundation, but looking at their website recently it's unclear whether Haiti is still a priority for them, and their online donation form doesn't provide a way to earmark money for a specific campaign as far as I can tell.

Is there a best place to put my money specifically for this cause? I know charities need to spend money on overhead, too, and that's fine--but I don't want to donate with Haiti in mind and then find out the money went to Rwanda (heartless though that may sound).

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Doctors Without Borders was working in Haiti well before the earthquake, and continues to have significant programs there. They are in the planning stages of building a new hospital there in 2013. One thing though, you can't make earmarked to Doctors Without Borders when donating via the web. You'll have to call or mail in your donation with that designation.
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I would second Doctors Without Borders.
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A trustworthy friend is volunteering for Water Project For Haiti. It's Christian, which may or may not be a relevant factor for you.
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Best answer: Partners In Health.
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Best answer: I'm not too knowledgeable myself, but people/sources I trust frequently recommend Partners in Health as an org that really knows what they're doing on the ground in Haiti.
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Response by poster: Hi ClaudiaCenter,

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, on consideration I think I'd like to find a nonreligious organization.
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Best answer: Thirding Partners in Health (although I am a big Doctors without Borders fan as well).
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Best answer: Nthing PIH. There's a good segment from 60 Mimutes with Paul Farmer about PIH's work in Haiti. It's from 2008 and is findable via Google (trouble linking with my phone else I'd just link the video).
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ServeHAITI does incredible work there.
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SA thread

I don't know if they paywall is up, but the SA goons have been donating to the The Matènwa Community Center for a few years.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I did the democratic thing and went with a donation to Partners in Health.
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