Elegant slanket = hopefully not an oxymoron
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Is there such a thing as a "luxury" or "elegant" snuggie/slanket? If so, where can I buy it? I want to buy one for my grandmother but she will not appreciate bright colors, NFL logos, smiley faces, or similar.

It's too late for custom-made, and I don't want the weird type that wraps around the entire body like a sleeping bag.
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Brown. Is this the right "model"?
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Slanket.com Plenty of solid colors. My parents have Slankets. They are larger and more luxurious than Snuggies.
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The original Slanket, (I own one) is in fact very plush and fat. Mine is a lovely ruby red.
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A Nuddle. Pros: foot pocket, softer than the Slanket or the Snuggie. Con: there are arm holes rather than actual sleeves, so your arms only get covered part way. The hand-pouch is supposed to make up for it, but you really can't do very much with your hands all tucked in...!
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Luxury? You must mean Blankoat! It is made from the wool of Icelandic sheep. (Reviewed here.)
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Nordstrom's has some items from the "Barefoot Dreams" company;
or direct online, you can find warm fuzzy hoodies, wraps and blankies.
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The slankets are the bomb! We own two and we use them with and w/o the sleeves all the time. Here's a good review of some options.
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Bought my dad the "Deluxe" Snuggie last year, in this shade of sage green, to complement the living room, which is technically my mom's space that he invades. So it's more like camouflage for him, or a dad cosy. I have no idea what makes it deluxe compared to a regular Snuggie.
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This post may be relevant to your interests.
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Once you get away from the name and the packaging, the slanket is made of quality heavy fleece and is almost dignified. Almost. I also own a ruby red one.
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