our company recommendations for Russia (St. Petersburg/Moscow)?
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Tour company recommendations for Russia (St. Petersburg/Moscow)?

My mother has offered to take my 18-year-old daughter for her first trip abroad. Little D has had an interest in Russia since she was little, so Mom offered to take her to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Mom's done the trip before, via OAT Tours, a 16-day trip primarily by boat up the Volga. Sounds cool, but I'm concerned that this may a bit too long and too rugged a format for a novice traveler.

(Please note, this question is not asking you to convince me that particular trip isn't not too long or too rugged. Ultimately it will be my daughter's decision, and my mom's.)

That said, I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a reputable tour company that offers an 7-10 day tour of the two cities. Mom likes OAT because the groups tend to be small (around 16 people), but they don't seem to offer tours of this duration. Let's assume cost does not have to be a consideration. Independent travel is probably not an option, despite my daughter's recent A in introductory Russian.

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I'm following this thread also b/c I have TWO weekend mile runs to Moscow this spring and I'd like to find ideas for how to fill my Sat/Sun on day tours.
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I did this General Tours trip in September, and we were very impressed by the guides and the value.

(We were NOT impressed by CIBT, the company they refer you to for visas - avoid if at all possible.)
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Thank you, socks! The itinerary is continuing to change and they're now looking at going to Munich first (not with a group) - nice to see that General has a St P-only option.
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