Help me furnish my "grown up" apartment in NYC.
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Help me furnish my "grown up" apartment in NYC.

With baby #2 on the way, we're finally buying a real apartment. With rooms and doors and everything! What are your favorite stores for contemporary or modern rustic furniture? We have a toddler, and are looking for well-made, durable beds, tables, etc.

We're also in somewhat of a time crunch, so would love to buy the floor models. I know DWR has many items with short lead times, but for that much money I'd prefer something more unique and locally produced, if possible.

Bonus question: where do you go to drool over kitchens?

Bonus bonus question: would it make sense to just hire an interior designer? If so, recommendations would be great!
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Sounds fun. Out of curiosity, are you only interested in new furniture? There are a lot of great sources for gorgeous vintage mid-century stuff that will last you a lifetime (and that you'd be able to buy immediately)...
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Used is totally fine, but I don't have a ton of time, so I'd rather go to a store than chase down leads on Craigslist.
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If you do consider vintage stuff, you could try shopping at Baxter & Liebchen in Dumbo (expensive, but large selection. Bo Concept (new stuff, not amazing, but you might find something) is also in that neighborhood. Regeneration has a pretty good selection. One local designer I like is Uhuru. Some others are listed here.
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We have a bed from worldmarket which is made out of high quality, heavy wood and was delivered quickly to our apartment. Much nicer quality than most stuff you can order, plenty of rustic designs, reasonable prices.
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For furniture, check out From the Source in Brooklyn or Chelsea, the second floor of ABC Carpet & Home, Room and Board in SoHo, and BluDot in SoHo.

For kitchens, drool over hardware and fixtures at Waterworks. Also, many unexpected treasures can be found at the restaurant supply stores on Bowery.

For an interior decorator, check out HomePolish, which is based in NYC. You can do a 50 minute session inexpensively and get a lot of ideas on how to proceed.
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Vintage-in-good-condition? Try Two Jakes in Williamsburg.

I've found a ton of vintage Knoll/Herman Miller stuff, and a bunch of unique refurbished industrial and salvaged items there, for way cheaper than anywhere else.

Also in Williamsburg is Open Air Modern. Pricier, less selection. But super nice taste.
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Room and Board would be right up your alley, I think, and we've bought quality smaller furniture items and accessories from CB2.
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