You can dance if you want to, you can legsweep from behind
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I liked capoeira a lot, but my wrists did not. Are there any other martial dances? Or schools that take a martial art like tai chi but do something dance-y with it?
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This might not be quite what you're looking for as it's not a martial art, and I'm not that well versed in capoeira, but look into contact improv. It's on the dance side of things but it's a very physical form. I know some dancers who have pulled from their training in capoeira when they are doing contact so it might be something fun to try out a time or two.
I've gotten some gnarly bruises from it and I feel bad ass afterwards which I assume people feel after doing martial arts.
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Also, you only have to get as physical as your body allows. Can't support weight on your hands? Then don't. There are so many other positions your body can find itself into.
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I am an ex-ballet dancer who will be starting Muay Thai in January. Have you tried any regular martial arts classes? I've found that in some ways, they scratch the same itch.
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Response by poster: Have you tried any regular martial arts classes?

I'm looking for something that strongly incorporates music and is heavier on the art than the martial (though not necessarily by a lot).
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Wushu seems heavier on the art, though it is martial. Not sure how much music comes into it, though.
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Seconding contact improv. It depends on the teacher, but many incorporate aikido with yoga, modern dance and other things into an art form with music. It can be really fun.
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Silat, maybe?
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Wushu is definitely more on the art than the martial, but music doesn't really factor into the actual practice of it. The only time music featured was when they played chintzy Chinese music during our exams, so.
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Thirding contact improv. So, so fun.
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Not martial, not dance, but even half-heartedly working at yoga will strengthen you all over, including your wrists (the Crow etc).
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From the same franchise that brings you Zumba (above), there are other courses like Body Combat, which uses martial-artsy / self-defense type moves timed to music.

At least in my gym, Body Combat is much more exhausting than Zumba, but I know this also depends on the particular mix of music and the instructor. FWIW, the Zumba group is 95% women and the Body Combat courses are 50/50. Looking further into the offerings you'll find still more that are movement + weights + music, they get pretty intense but will leave your wrists safe.
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