Best "to do" list website?
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Best "to do" list website?

I've got a variety of "to do" items that I'd like to accomplish every day. Things like:
take morning and night medications
do morning and night PT exercises
do 20 minutes of work on a web project
etc. etc.

I would love a website that would allow me to easily enter these and check them off each day - I'm pretty good about keeping track by memory, but I think this would give me a good boost.

I've used Health Month in the past, and I liked it, but found that it wasn't quite customizable in the ways I wanted it to be (which would basically be: enter in your own "to do's", # of times per day, resets each day with new empty check boxes). I'm willing to try and make it work if that's still the best option (I haven't used it in several months), but wondered if there is anything better out there for my needs. I'm willing to pay up to $10/month, although obviously the cheaper (or free-er!) the better.
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For your needs, I would suggest Joe's Goals.
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I use and to track things similar to what you're talking about, but I'm not 100% happy with either, so I'm eager to see other answers to this.

Both are free, though RTM has a paid subscription that unlocks the more than just the basics aspects of the mobile app.
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How about Teux Deux? It's really simple but I think it does what you want.
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RTM works beautifully for this but I do find the mobile app, therefore paid version, is critical for me.
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Toodledo is great customisable app.
To really take ownership of a task list however I have found it productive to design my own using an online spreadsheet - being able to create my own environment means I'm more likely to follow it for some reason. Pretty much every feature of RTM or similar can be approximated using date and logic formulas. And for mobile access all I need is a bucket to chuck tasks in which I can process later.
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I use You might have to create a separate chain per time that you need to do the thing each day.
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I actually use two to do list websites for different purposes.

I find that Remember the Milk is fantastic for organising recurring tasks (like periodic housework things etc.). I've used it now for many years.

However, it wasn't really cutting it for me in terms of managing daily to do lists and short term tasks - overly complex, couldn't organise individual tasks.

Maybe 6 months ago I started using Wunderlist for this purpose, daily work to dos, short term tasks etc. and I love it.

It may seem unwieldy, but actually the combination of the two sites (RTM for complex regularly repeating tasks, wunderlist for short-term irregular to dos) works wonderfully for me.
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Actually, I rather missed the point, but for the purposes you describe, while RTM works, the following two sites are better.
(calendar based)

(ticking things off, doesn't require registration).
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I like
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If you use iOS, Lift.
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So far, it looks like RTM is working best for me - I don't have a great phone, so the mobile app is not something I'm worried about. Thanks for all the ideas! :)
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I'm too late! But I'd feel remiss if I didn't let you know that after trying almost all of the sites mentioned above (including RTM), I've been very happy with Astrid.
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Astrid has been great for me too.
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I use asana at work and for personal stuff, although it might be a bit much for what you're looking for.

RTM did not work for me at all, as a point of reference.
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