Irish Whistle music with piano accompaniment?
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Looking for specific music: Irish whistle/flute with piano

I came across this piece on soundcloud, it's lead by an irish whistle and accompanied by a piano. I've asked the owner but he's not got a cd for sale yet, so I'm looking for other music in a similar vein - irish whistle or irish flute accompanied by piano.

I found this older thread and will be going through it :)

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Best answer: This album by Catherine McEvoy, and this one, has piano accompaniment by Felix Dolan. This more traditional, less new agey.

She's lovely lady and fantastic player. If you're interested in Irish flute you can't go wrong with her.
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Best answer: That piece is kind of the opposite of what the person was looking for in the last question. How about Joanie Madden? I think some of the songs on that album have piano.
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Best answer: Not exactly zeroed-in on a pure flute+piano record, but these two pages for flute and whistle look like a great place to start. You'll have to dig into the credits to figure out the instrumentation of each album, but both of these lists are worth it. My favorite players here are Matt Molloy (flute - his solo records, not necessarily with The Chietfains), Cathal McConnell (flute) and Mary Bergin (whistle).

Finally, a shout-out to Saint Paul home-girl Laura MacKenzie.
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Response by poster: Hi everyone! Cheers for the suggestions! I am very new to this genre and those links have proved to be very delicious on the ears :)
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Best answer: This isn't exactly what you asked for, but I don't think they were mentioned in the last thread either, so I give you my favorite flute/whistle band Flook. Who unfortunately broke up.
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Seconding Flook! O M G, for an acoustic band they absolutely *rocked*. Almost all original compositions too.
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Best answer: You might enjoy some of Kila's stuff eg Hebden Bridge springs to mind, though they are not solely a tin whistle + piano act (best live band I've ever seen, if you ever get the chance).
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Best answer: You may want to check out the Wooden Flute Obsession albums.
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