Looking for a fun Kinect game
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As an adult, what is the most fun Kinect game(s) you've played/enjoyed?

I'm particularly looking for games that are known to have good response time. We already have the Sports, which is alot of fun. Have you tried any of the Wipeout versions? Any suggestions are appreciated!
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FRUIT NINJA SECOND VOTE. As in, by absolutely miles.
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(and the response time is fantastic)
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Response by poster: So I just looked at Fruit Ninja on Youtube and the clip looks like you use mostly/only your arms. Any jumping/dodging or anything else?
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No. It truly does not matter. It is still way more fun than any other Kinect game. And you can kick or headbutt if you want to get fancy.
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I'm going to wreck the unanimity in here and say Just Dance 3 (there's also a 4 out).

(for fairness's sake, i have not played fruit ninja)
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I am an adult. Dance Central games are my go to Kinect games!
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The Gunstringer is easily my favorite Kinect game. There's a demo available on Live.
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My friends and I have had the most fun with Dance Central and Double Fine Happy Action Theater.
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Dance Central! It's the best dance game available (far better than Just Dance or any of the Wii-based games)
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I have Dance Central, which is pretty fun, but Fruit Ninja beats it hands (waving everywhere - can't miss the fruit) down!
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Double Fine Happy Action Theater for sure. I'm not the first to mention it, but I don't think that it can be emphasized enough. It really is the best Kinect game in my opinion.

Dance Central (any of them) are pretty fun as well.

Gunstringer is OK by itself, but it has a truly silly downloadable add-on (Wavy Tube Man Chronicles) that's a fun bit of strangeness.
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Dance Central. Mostly I just like dancing to songs from my 80s roller skating years, like Bust a Move.
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Gunstringer is pretty fun. And Child of Eden is really amazing if you can get into it.

But my best suggestion is simple: "Kinect Party" comes out tomorrow, Dec. 18, FOR FREE and it should be great. If you like it, then try "Happy Action Theater" which is made by the same company.

They aren't games, per se, but little snippets or situations where the Kinect is used for unique play. My kids really love them, and I thought they were great fun the first time or two.

Oh, and Wreckateer was actually pretty decent. They gave it away free recently, but I don't know if it costs money now.
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OMG I love Kung Fu High Impact.
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I personally enjoy Mini Ninja Adventures.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys! I will take all these into consideration.
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