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Medical terminology filter: "Eds" comes to 54 centimeters. What could this word that sounds like "eds" possibley be?

I am listening to a dictated letter in which a doctor describes examining an 8 year old boy after he has had a seizure. He gives a height and weight, then says something that sounds like "Eds [pronounced like the name Ed with an S on the end] comes to 54 centimeters." Then he moves onto vital signs.

I cannot figure out what this word or acronym is, and searching the web for measurements commonly taken in peds examinations yielded nothing. It has a clearly discernible S sound on the end, so I do not think he is saying "Head comes to 54 centimeters", but he does not speak particularly clearly, so it's not impossible.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.
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"Head circ[umference] comes to 54 centimeters"? The final C of "circ" could blend into the initial C of "comes."
posted by stopgap at 1:09 PM on December 16, 2012

Head(')s (measurement) 54cm?
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Are you sure he's saying "comes"? Maybe, following stopgap, he's just saying "Head circumference 54 cm", mumbling his way through it?
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This might be easier if you could post the original recording or even just a short clip of it with that sentence.
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No directly constructive suggestion, but a head circumference of 54 cm sounds really large for an 8 year old, as per previous AskMe thread (specifically--average adult head circumference is 55 cm and you reach that at about age 10).
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Anaelith, it is larger than average, but my understanding is that headsize in children can really vary.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. After more research, I'm inclined to believe he is talking about head circumference. Whether he is saying "Head's comes to 54 cm" or "Head circ comes to 54 cm" is very hard to tell.

I can't post the clip for confidentiality reasons (or at least not without substantial editing of the audio; it includes names and other identifying facts).
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Given the context and the presenting complaint, I agree that it has to be head circumference or "head" or "head's", filtered through the usual medical speed-mumble you are painfully familiar with. 54 cm is pretty reasonable - a really rough rule of thumb is that 50th percentile for a 9 year old is around 55 cm.
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