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Best way to dispose of this plastic mesh wine bottle sleeves.

Every liquor store neat me packs two wine bottles in a bag, using a green plastic sleeve over one bottle. What do I do with these things? They aren't chided for recycling and they seem like something problematic for wildlife.
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Can you just take them back to the store for re-use? I know what you're talking about and it seems to me like they could be used several times before they get stretched out.
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Response by poster: Example .
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Ask for the manager, tell them how much money you spent in his store this year, then tell them there are plenty of liquor stores nearby, if you want to keep my business I'd appreciate if you started using cardboard dividers instead of plastic. If you want guaranteed change, team up with another friend to do the same 2 weeks later. I'm so fucking sick and tired of lazy people using plastic when greener options are available.
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Can't answer your question, but alternatively you could ask them not to use it at the store. Less work and cost for them.
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You could always bring them back next time and ask them to reuse the same ones on your new bottles.
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Best answer: Also, you could give them to a knitter or knitting shop or local guild. They make excellent yarn sleeves.
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Also, you could just bring your own bag and decline their packaging entirely.
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Reuse them for their intended purpose or BYOB(ag) is the way to go, I think.

Keep an eye out for places that give you those 6-bottle wine totes when you buy a bunch of wine at once. I've never seen them for sale anywhere but there are places that give them away for free when you buy five or six bottles of wine. I have two from grocery stores that sell wine (an oddity in Massachusetts, I know) and a third is from some liquor store in Connecticut I've never been to - someone must have brought wine to my house in it.
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Carry the nets on trips to the store and use them for produce, in addition to wine purchases.

Also, call your city or private recycling center and ask how to recycle the items.
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Best answer: Buy more bottles at a time and ask for a box instead. For those you already have, this type of netting is useful for scrubbing disgusting pans. Keep some under the sink for dealing with egg pans or baking dishes. Maybe donate to a soup kitchen?
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I use those inside my pots (plant pots) so the potting soil doesn't rinse out of the hole.
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Best answer: How about re-purposing them? This page has some ideas.
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I bring mine back to the store and just put them in the box by the cash register from which they came. The store has no problem with this.
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