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Is it possible to make a pop-up card without the pixellated look? I have searched Google to no avail.

I love Minieco's site - she has a TON of cards that are fun to make - but I'd like to make more sophisticated cards without the "pixel." I can't find how to do this. Any crafty folks out there that can help?

Thank you!!
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I don't know about web sites, but there are books on the topic, e.g. Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics and The Pop-Up Book.
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Ah, here we go. Some relevant solutions come up if you combine your searches with phrases like "papercraft" or "kirigami":

Online pop-up technique lessons
Video lesson for a kirigami/papercraft house in one piece
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Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks so much.... Looking forward to checking all of these out. It didn't occur to me to search "kirigami" or papercraft... great ideas.
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