Where can I get a handwriting font that's basically unreadable?
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I'm looking for a bad handwriting font. I want it to be so bad that it is in fact unreadable, smeary, even. Is there such a thing?
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Not sure if it's exactly what you're after, but how about the Mark E Smith handwriting font.
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Best answer: I guarantee you won't be able to read either The Printed Word or The Written Word; they were designed to be unreadable. If they're not smeary enough for you, you can always photoshop them, although The Printed Word is pretty damn smeary already.
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worst handwriting font i got on my machine is called diediedie

the same site has quite a big handwriting-style section.
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Response by poster: The Written Word is perfect, thank you iconomy!
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Finally, computer fonts that represent my handwriting. Thanks all!
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