Looking for good team-based giving opportunity.
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Apart from Kiva, do you know of any good charities that support team-based giving?
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Response by poster: I just found Heifer Int'l: http://www.teamheifer.org/
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Kiva.org is a charity, but its team-based hedge is attractive to groups because it is not a charitable activity, it is lending. Can you tell what kind of giving you want to support? Once I have an idea of the kind of charitable activity you want to do, I can suggest some charities and how you could approach them to set up the kind of team you want.
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Response by poster: I'm most interested in the kind of work that MSF does.
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Give Directly. I really like their model a lot, I've given money to Kiva but the interest rates always seemed usurious to me.
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Donors Choose
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Crowdrise lets you set up team/competitive fundraisers for your choice of charity from a large list. (This month my employer, the Mozilla Foundation, is partnering with Crowdrise and a bunch of celebrities to run a holiday giving challenge.)
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FINCA? I think it's a bit like Kiva.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestions.
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