Accordiong to this...
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Accordion music quiz!

Help me to tranform myself into an accordion player. Tell me the name of the first tune played in this video. Extra credit if you can supply sheet music, accordion finger chart, or related educational materials.
Accordiongly yours, crazylegs
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Reine de Musette.
posted by Madamina at 11:45 AM on December 15, 2012

It seems pretty common, too, so you might check out books like this.
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There's a book called Easy Accordion Solos put out by Mel Bay. It is a book of public domain French
songs, which means that about 75% of the songs in it are old French cafe songs, probably from a similar era as the one you asked about. It comes with a CD.

When I talked to Mel Bay they seemed unaware that these songs were all old French tunes but I see now that mention it in their description of it. I was glad to see a book full of French tunes, because there are so many books with old Americana tunes, and so many of them have the same old songs in every book.
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